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    5 star ratingWe used Affordable Window Coverings to put shutters in our entire home. Marc came to our home late into the evening, well after 5 P.M. to show us what options we had. We initially thought we wanted a dark wood shutter but after many pictures, and samples that he showed us we quickly realized how dark that would make our home. THANK GOODNESS we went with Marc's recommendation of the white shutters. The 36 windows turned out beautifully. We were very blessed with his patience because we thought we had our mind made up and we were ready to order but then had to reevaluate and walk through the entire house. He took time to help us determine how we wanted them to open, close, and split. Fast forward a few weeks. The instillation was seamless. Their installers had to work with our painters, floor installers, and cabinet installers to install all at the same time. After we moved our first appointment due to a delayed painter they were very kind and shifted the appointment for us. During the instillation we finally made our minds up on the sliding glass door. Once again Marc came back to our home and helped us pick our beautiful woven wood window treatment out. We highly recommend Affordable Window Coverings. We have referred them to many friends and family and they are just as satisfied.
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    Window Coverings in San Jacinto

    Affordable Window Coverings established ourselves as a proud locally-owned, locally-operated San Jacinto business in 1994. Our long-standing commitment to excellence and customer service has made us a household name, and our hard-earned reputation speaks for itself. Our locally-owned, locally-operated business is fully bonded, licensed, and ensured, which gives our customers the confidence that they’re choosing the most capable and experienced team for their unique project.

    When you do business with us, you’ll enjoy a 100% customer service guarantee. Each project is approached with the same top-notch level of care and attention. The highest compliments come from your referrals. We are grateful for your patronage, and that gratitude multiplies when you refer us to your relatives and friends. With our low-price guarantee, 100% financing, installation and product warranties, free in-home estimates, and free professional installation, we promise to take your investment seriously. Our knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy team exemplify all the traits that have earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Give us a call today and let us improve your home in ways you didn’t even expect!



    Drapes bring warmth and personalization to any casual or carefully-curated space. Window curtains don’t just help you create a welcoming ambiance, but they are also a brilliant way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. From our very first meeting to installation of the final product, our fine, top-notch draperies and custom curtains are made in a certified workroom by licensed artisans. When you choose Affordable Window Coverings for your drapes and curtains in San Jacinto, our team of pros will be by your side every step of the way. We’ll help you make decisions about every detail of your custom window coverings, including fabric, sizing, and coordinating accents like linens, bedding, top treatments, and swags.

    Nothing completes a room quite like handmade curtains for windows. Our San Jacinto draperies are the perfect way to tie your space together, and we know you’ll be stunned at just how complete your home feels after their installation. Not only do curtains make your windows stand out, but they also help you keep your lighting and temperature exactly where you want them. Our drapes in San Jacinto deliver privacy, beauty, and energy efficiency.


    You’ve probably spent years styling and perfecting your home, and shutters for windows make a gorgeous addition. Whether you go the timeless route with traditional window shutters or you opt for practical and pretty plantation shutters, your windows are sure to be forever transformed. Adding windows for shutters is a wise investment since interior and exterior shutters increase your home’s value, but they also add an incomparable decorative touch that you’ll be truly amazed by. Our wide and all-inclusive selection of outdoor and indoor window shutters in San Jacinto will make any design dream a reality.

    Reach out to Affordable Window Coverings for:

    Wood Shutters

    Wood shutters aren’t just lovely to look at, but they’re also surprisingly lightweight. Some people simply prefer to incorporate as much natural wood into their homes as possible – after all, it’s a classic way to add earthy charm to any space. When you find yourself shopping for solid wood traditional or plantation shutters in San Jacinto, just give us a call at Affordable Window Coverings. Our custom shutter options will truly blow you away!

    Composite Shutters

    Composite indoor and outdoor shutters are well-loved for many reasons. They aren’t just more affordable than wood shutters, but they’re also flame-retardant, energy-efficient, and moisture-resistant. Thanks to their reinforced aluminum cores, composite shutters also happen to be the most durable exterior and interior shutters on the market. Composite shutters also make a brilliant investment because they won’t ever split, crack, or warp. They’re also a beautiful addition to any home.


    Window blinds are a versatile and popular choice for homes of all styles, from traditional to rustic to modern. Blinds aren’t just an effective way to allow or block sunlight as needed, but they also couldn’t be easier to use. Our stylish, high-quality blinds are excellent for windows, doors, sliding door window coverings, skylights, interior openings, and even oddly-shaped windows. Blinds are timeless, cost-effective, and sensible.

    Maybe it’s simply time to give your windows a long-overdue update, or perhaps you’re in the midst of a home build and you’re shopping for window coverings. Whatever your requirements, our custom blinds will surpass all of your expectations and serve as a stunning addition to your tastefully decorated house. Our experienced pros will be pleased to provide you with an in-home quote and guide you through the selection process, paying close attention to personal details like your lifestyle, your decor aesthetic, and your budget. We offer the widest selection of faux wood, genuine wood, and composite blinds in San Jacinto. With our vertical and horizontal designs, smooth or textured surfaces, a wide range of color choices, heat- and moisture-resistant materials, and beyond, no detail will be forgotten. We know you’ll find the perfect blinds for your home. We always want you to be beyond satisfied with your window coverings.


    Window shades are available in a seemingly endless range of fabric, color, pattern, texture, and style options. Minimalists, contemporary connoisseurs, and lovers of classic design can all incorporate shades into their homes. Shades add beauty to your windows, protect your interiors, and make a smart, stylish, and sleek addition to your space. Smart home applications and motorization options make these versatile window coverings incredibly tech-savvy to boot.

    Our San Jacinto shade company offers:

    Cellular and Pleated Shades

    With the ever-rising costs of everyday life, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important to homeowners. They are a wise choice because of their ability to fit any window, no matter the size or shape. Cellular shades don’t just come in a broad range of fabric options for an on-trend and cohesive look, but they can also be made to suit windows of all shapes and sizes, they limit the damage and fading that UV rays can cause, and they help you regulate the temperature inside your home.

    Sheer Shades

    If you love natural light but want to cut back on the harshness of direct sun exposure, sheer shades are the way to go. Reducing the perfect amount of light to keep your home light and bright, these sheer, soft shades are as subtle as they are stylish.

    Layered Shades

    If you’re looking for a modern, unique window covering option, look no further than layered shades. Featuring alternating sheer and opaque fabric bands, these eye-catching shades allow for light to gently enter through the sheer material, and closed bands give your space an elegant, sleek, light-blocking look.

    Solar Shades

    Solar shades are an excellent way to block harmful UV rays and reduce solar heat gain. Not only are they protective, but they protect your interior (including floors, furniture, and decor) from fading. Their unique fabric works by reducing glare and filtering light efficiently.

    Roman Shades

    Roman shades have maintained their popularity for decades because of their adaptability and charm. Available in numerous pattern, style, and fabric options, these timeless, custom window coverings are a fine choice for any space. We have a special place in our hearts for Roman shades because of the unique way they smoothly and evenly settle into soft folds upon raising. Roman shades add grace and charm to your windows, whether they’re closed or opened. If you love a carefully-coordinated look, we can also create matching custom pillows to complete your space.

    Natural Shades

    Whether they’re paired with coordinating window valances or styled in a simple, minimalist way, natural window shades contribute to the functionality and practicality of your home. These inherently boho and earthy shades can be made with many natural, woven fibers, including reeds, bamboo, grasses, and more. When paired with blackout liners, natural shades complement your casual aesthetic with their textured, light-controlling, privacy-ensuring design.

    Roller Shades

    You might have some preconceived notions about classic roller shades, but these window coverings have been re-imagined to suit any modern home. These smooth, sleek shades can be made any way you wish – cordless, motorized, and in an endless array of fabric types and colors. Their popularity is rapidly rising for their ability to enhance a home’s energy efficiency while adding sleek style to any room. Allowing for complete customization, our bespoke window coverings will suit your home and your lifestyle for years to come.

    If you’re searching for beautiful, high-quality, custom shades in San Jacinto, just call Affordable Window Coverings!

    Motorized Blinds & Shades

    Smart homes are all the rage, and they’re certainly here to stay. We’ve had customers who enthusiastically took the plunge into smart blinds and motorized shades, and we’ve also met reluctant customers who ultimately found themselves surprised by the convenience and user-friendly features of today’s most innovative window treatments. Affordable Window Coverings is a proud Somfy Expert. Somfy is the worldwide leader in motorized and connected interior window coverings.

    If you’re interested in installation of motorized shades in San Jacinto, it’s important to choose a local business that offers smart shades and motorized blinds by the pioneers at Somfy. Your outdoor pergolas, window shades, and awnings can be controlled with the push of a button, or you can let sensors and timers do the work for you. Your furniture and flooring will be protected against the damage and fading that can occur with UV light exposure, and your whole home will feel more efficient and streamlined. Your house will become more secure and private right away, plus it will immediately be more energy-efficient. Because Somfy coverings are compatible with most top home brands, you can easily use them with your Alexa or Google Assistant. Somfy also offers a 5-year warranty on all motors and controls. Reach out now to learn everything there is to know about smart shades and motorized blinds in San Jacinto!

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