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    Window Coverings in Riverside

    Since 1994, Affordable Window Coverings has been a proud part of the Riverside community. We have become well-known due to our long-standing dedication to quality work and phenomenal customer service, and our reputation speaks for itself. Our hard-earned reputation is the result of many years of dedication and quality service, and our focus on customer satisfaction is a point of pride. Our humble small business is owned and operated by your neighbors in this beautiful city. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed, so you can be sure your home and your money will be in the most capable and trustworthy hands.

    As a result of our 100% customer satisfaction promise, every project is handled with the same amiable, yet capable attitude. We don’t consider the job done until you have a smile on your face. We think you’ll be particularly impressed with our free professional installations, low-price guarantee, 100% financing, product and installation warranties, and free in-home estimates. We are grateful for your patronage, and that gratitude multiplies when you refer us to your relatives and friends. Your referrals mean the world to us. Our knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy team exemplify all the traits that have earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Reach out to us today and let us blow you away with our quality work and top-notch customer service!



    Window shades come in an endless variety of styles, textures, patterns, colors, and fabrics. Minimalists, contemporary connoisseurs, and lovers of classic design can all incorporate shades into their homes. Shades are sleek, stylish, and smart, protecting your interior and adding beauty to each window. Smart home applications and motorization options make these versatile window coverings incredibly tech-savvy to boot.

    Our Riverside shade company offers:

    Roller Shades

    You might have some preconceived notions about classic roller shades, but these window coverings have been re-imagined to suit any modern home. Our custom roller shades come in many fabric types, and they can also include cordless features, motorization, and more. The sleek, smooth shades lend themselves beautifully to casual and upscale spaces alike. They also help your home become more energy-efficient. Stop in and let us fully customize your shades to your exact specifications and wishes.

    Sheer Shades

    If you prefer to invite sunlight into your home with minimal light blocking, sheer shades are a gorgeous way to do just that. Reducing the perfect amount of light to keep your home light and bright, these sheer, soft shades are as subtle as they are stylish.

    Natural Shades

    With natural compositions and blackout linings, natural window shades give your windows a textured, casual appearance, ensure privacy, and control light. Made from grasses, reeds, bamboo, and other natural, woven fibers, these shades are lovely and earthy. Pair them with matching window valances to make your window coverings even more practical and functional.

    Cellular and Pleated Shades

    Energy efficiency is important, and that’s why the popularity of cellular shades is ever-rising. When you look into ways to reduce your energy expenses, cellular shades are likely to be at the top of your internet search results. They’re also a smart way to reduce dangerous, damaging UV rays and control the climate inside your home. They also fit windows of all shapes and sizes, so they’re sure to work for even your most uniquely-shaped window opening.

    Roman Shades

    Discerning interior designers and exacting homeowners love Roman shades. Our custom roller shades come in many fabric types, and they can also include cordless features, motorization, and more. We have a special place in our hearts for Roman shades because of the unique way they smoothly and evenly settle into soft folds upon raising. Roman shades give your windows a graceful look, whether they’re opened or closed. For a completely coordinated space, ask about customized pillows to match your shades!

    Layered Shades

    Layered shades are appealing because of their unique, modern aesthetic. Featuring stripes of opaque and sheer fabrics, these shades make a fun statement. They allow sunlight to softly grace your home through their sheer bands, but they block light through their opaque bands as well.

    Solar Shades

    Solar shades are made from special fabrics made to filter light and reduce glare. Solar shades are made to block ultraviolet radiation, control solar heat gain, and protect your household items (like decor and furniture) from fading.

    If you’re searching for beautiful, high-quality, custom shades in Riverside, just call Affordable Window Coverings!


    When you’re searching for a window treatment option that adds timeless beauty and appeal to your home, shutters are a lovely option. With plantation shutters, you can add practicality and character. With traditional windows, the classic flair truly abounds. Shutters for windows are a smart financial investment, because indoor window shutters and exterior shutters alike are proven to increase the value of your home. Turn your bland windows into statement-making complements to your other stylish design elements with our wide, fully-customizable selection of shutters in Riverside.

    Reach out to Affordable Window Coverings for:

    Wood Shutters

    Wood shutters are lightweight and lovely. Some people simply prefer to incorporate as much natural wood into their homes as possible – after all, it’s a classic way to add earthy charm to any space. Reach out to Affordable Window Coverings when you decide to incorporate wooden traditional or plantation shutters in Riverside. You’ll be blown away by all the custom shutter options we can create for you!

    Composite Shutters

    Composite indoor and outdoor shutters are well-loved for many reasons. These energy-efficient, flame-retardant, and moisture-resistant shutters are as stylish as they are smart. Thanks to their reinforced aluminum cores, composite shutters also happen to be the most durable exterior and interior shutters on the market. Composite outdoor and indoor window shutters will never warp, crack, or split, making them a brilliant, long-lasting investment. Best of all, they’re incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

    Motorized Blinds & Shades

    Smart homes are all the rage, and they’re certainly here to stay. As our customers gravitate more and more toward the convenience and intuitive advantages of motorized shades and smart blinds, we’ve stayed ahead of all the innovations in our industry to give you the latest and greatest products by Somfy. As a Somfy Expert, Affordable Window Coverings offers connected and motorized interior window coverings by the global leader in these groundbreaking products. Give us a ring and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about our amazing smart shades and motorized blinds in Riverside!

    When you decide it’s time to upgrade to motorized shades in Riverside, you’ll want to be sure you select a local company that offers top-quality Somfy smart shades and motorized blinds. Your awnings, outdoor pergolas, and window shades can be controlled with the effortless push of a button, or you can set sensors and timers to do the work for you. Your home will instantly become more private and safe, and you’ll also enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency. Your furniture and flooring will be protected against the damage and fading that ultraviolet rays can cause, and your space will instantly become more efficient and streamlined. If you already have a home voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, your Somfy coverings will be easy to control with your existing smart home features. Somfy also offers a 5-year warranty on all motors and controls. Call us today to hear more about smart shades and motorized blinds in Riverside!


    Window blinds are a versatile and popular choice for homes of all styles, from traditional to rustic to modern. Not only are they easy to use, but they also make it effortless to block or allow sunlight whenever your heart desires. Our stylish, high-quality custom blinds are excellent for windows, doors, sliding door window coverings, skylights, interior openings, and even oddly-shaped windows. Blinds are classic, affordable, and optimally functional.

    Perhaps you’re searching for an upgrade to replace your worn-out window coverings, or maybe you’re shopping for the windows in your new home build. Sure to coordinate well with any design aesthetic and meet your practical needs, our top-notch window coverings will transform every room of your home. Our free in-home estimates are completed by licensed professionals, and they’re always happy to walk you through the advantages of each material and finish. You’ll select every element of your blinds, including horizontal or vertical layouts, a large range of color choices, moisture- or heat-resistant materials, textured or smooth finishes, and more. The end results will be an elevated and improved space and a smile of satisfaction on your face!


    Draperies are a practical and pretty accent for any space. Not only do window curtains and drapes go a long way toward helping you create an inviting aesthetic, but they also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. From beginning to end, our top-quality custom curtains and draperies are crafted in certified workrooms. Our expert staff at Affordable Window Coverings will guide you through each step of the process when you come to us for drapes for curtains in Riverside. Our designers will help you choose coordinating swags, bedding, linens, and top treatments, talk to you about sizing, and give you all the details about all our fine fabric options.

    Nothing compares to handcrafted curtains for windows. Our Riverside draperies are sure to be superior to all the other window coverings you’ve ever had. Custom window coverings don’t just make your windows look unbelievably stylish, but they are also a good option for those who like to have complete control over the temperature and lighting of their interior. Our drapes in Riverside give you all the quality, energy efficiency, style, privacy, and practicality you deserve.

    Call Affordable Window Coverings today at 951-698-1391, or stop by our showroom for an in-person conversation today!